Videography courtesy of Matt Baker (not available on Mobile version).

Solo and semi-barefoot run across the Globe.

Is it possible to run thousands of kilometres across continents solo and semi-barefoot until I see the End of the World?


Founded by award-winning athlete and engineer Joseph Michael Kai-tsu Liu Roqueñi in 2012, Run2theEnd Expeditions are one of the most unthinkable feats in the world.


Explorer, adventurer, journeyer, photographer, travel blogger, and barefoot runner. Born in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada in 1981. Raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. Parents: Martino Liu and Maria de las Mercedes Roqueñi Ornelas. Currently in Whistler, BC, Canada preparing and training for the Canadian Rockies Expedition. 


Rather than seeing the world on pictures, read or hear about it from some subjective maybe fabricated point of view, instead I want to navigate through the real world with my feet on the ground and see it with my own eyes.